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They are the adventurists, the explorers, and doers of this world. When they see a wrong or problem, they do something about it. When they see a vacant place in our knowledge, they work to fill that void. "Ellison Onizuka"

Few years ago i was very convinced of the powerful ability of the E-ink screen's technologies to save the précious energy of lithium's batterys. That's why i'm here today, to share with you my work and research about the modding and hacking of the Nook Simple Touch of Barnes & Nobles.
Climber story.. Once upon a time, during a trad route i was leading in an unprotectable pitch. Hopefully this part of the route was supposed to be semi-bolted .. Engaged in pitch, no stoppers or cams could fit here. 25 metters later, i’m stuck facing the next bolt.. no hanger, no nut.. Only lonelyness was […]
This article is an How To about the E-ink GPS topographic’s map. Aware about the difficulty can represent rebuilding your own eReader. I have decomposed in this tutorial the simplest way to achieve your own NOOK.
🚧 This project is currently in developpement. 🚧