DIY a low-cost Hiking Altimeter

🚧 This project is currently in developpement. 🚧

Hiking gear are (most of them) expensive

If you already hiked you have probably noticed hiking’s gear are generaly really expensive unless they are to much heavy..

Almost the same logic work on high tech dedicated devices like altimeters. Generaly, hiking watches will integrate this kind of tool and give you précious help for navigation, but for a costly amount of money, (~400$).

Exemple of hike watch selled between 290 and 599$

Make your own gears

What i propose today is simply to embrasse the MYOG mouvement and to make you own gear yourself. sometime is for money question, but it can also to allow you news possibility that are not available on the market.

The Toolbox

  • Developpement Board (Arduino UNO)
  • Breadboard
  • Gauge wires

Final Altimeter require :

  • Board Arduino mini pro ~ 1.5
  • BMP388 CJMCU-388 atmo sensor ~ 8
  • 0.96 pouces OLED SSD1306 screen ~ 1.5
  • 3 x Pushbuttons ~ 1

So the total cost is only .. 12 bucks 😎

Prototype N°1


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