3D Printed Vertical Stand for my Hackintosh

I love my good old and reliable Thinkpad x230t. It blow his 10 year candles recently but are still the perfect ultra mobile, high performance and sturdy computer that i need everyday. Few month ago i’ve performed a full hardware upgrade by setting up 16Gb RAM, a new Gigabit Wifi card adapter and a large 1Tb SSD .. Then installed MacOS 😉

For now i freqently work in travel on a large amount of differents deskbench. When i can, i just steal external screen who are laying here but my desk experience is a quite bit imperfect. type on small a laptop just give you neck pain all the time just because you look down at the screen..

Some Reddit Thread inspired me in this little project.. Also i have found somes 3D shape on Thingiverse, but for other models.. So i decided to made mine for X220 / X230 Thinkpad !

Fusion 360 modelisation in accelerated..

Results is quite satisfying

The result works very well and is .. surprisingly also quite stable.

My 3D model can be downloaded here on Thingiverse : Thinkpad X230/220 Vertical stand

Thank’s for reading me and see you next time for a new adventure.. ✌️



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