The Nut-Multitool of my Dreams

Climber story..

Once upon a time, during a trad route i was leading in an unprotectable pitch. Hopefully this part of the route was supposed to be semi-bolted ..

Engaged in pitch, no stoppers or cams could fit here. 25 metters later, i’m stuck facing the next bolt.. no hanger, no nut.. Only lonelyness was here.

This experience made me want to found a solution to face this kind of issue. At least get somes nuts in differents sizes with me the next time, just in case, to be able to tying the bolt with a sling at least. That was my start point..

Needs of screwing..

Somes reflexions made their path in my mind. Because i’m also federal bolter for Sport Climbing Federation in France (FFME). I’m used to bolt or rebolting route. So of course also when i’m just hang out for climbing with friends i’m still attentive about equipement. A loose hanger should be tighten fixed if i cross one ..

Of course on the market some nut-tools solutions already exist, like the Metolius Torque for example. It has a built-in wrenchs.. But i own one, and i’m not really satisfied.

  • The palm protect is thin and glued .. after some hard chock it just falled of.
  • The built-in wrench are in the center of the body. That’s not allowing a efficient lever force.
  • The sizes of the wrenchs doesn’t really fit the reallity of bolt’s size in europe climbing route.

Maybe should i design a lightweight wrench nut-tool myself ?! Wearable in trad climbing for multi-purpose usage. But also light enought to be keeped on harness in regular sport route..

Ok let’s go .. A lot of iterations and force simulations later this is what i’m getting :

Made it real..

No easy way to create it, it will require multiples CNC methods for machining it.. Hopefully i have found somebody to help me in this task. So .. i’m sorry no DIY tutorial here !

There is the result, it’s beautiful ❤️

Made of steel and weight 93gr / 3.28oz


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